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Video is a smart investment for any business owner. Forbes found that 81 percent of total businesses use video marketing and according to HubSpot, including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%! Customers are automatically intrigued when visiting a webpage containing engaging video content. Video is eye-catching and makes your viewers only want to see more and learn more about what you have to offer.

If you choose to make the smart investment of utilizing video in your marketing efforts, you should also make the wise decision to hire a professional videography team to handle all of the details for you from the early stages of pre-production planning to the final phases of post-production editing.

When working on a new video project, the first step is to identify your main goal of the video. What message do you want to tell? Are you informing your viewers about a particular service or sharing a personal testimonial to relate with your audience?

There are several ways to utilize video marketing to connect your audience. Here are three examples of how current business owners are using video to tell their story, promote their brand, and market their services.

Promote Products and Services

If you are introducing a new product or want to highlight your company services, video is the way to go! We had the pleasure of working with the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation to create this awesome video promoting their recent United States Marine Corps Arizona License Plate Campaign.

View the full video below and see how their subjects used props and the set location to help promote their message and resonate with their viewers. They chose for us to shoot this video in front of the Marine Corps mural at the Scottsdale Civic Center Library to fit with the theme of their campaign and create a beautiful scene that many Phoenix Natives will recognize and appreciate.

Convey Information

If you have something to tell your customers or even your employees, do it through video! Video is an easy and effective way to convey a message to your target audience. Check out this video we produced for Phoenix Realtors. They wanted to show off their new office space and tell their members about all of the new benefits they’d have access to. So we created a virtual tour of their new space and used a voiceover to highlight all of the key features!

Boost Brand Awareness

Boosting your brand awareness should play a key role in your marketing campaigns. Presenting videos to your clients and potential customers through your social media channels and online platforms helps show them who you are before they even meet you. Video is a powerful marketing tool and gives you the opportunity to be seen across multiple mediums.

Business Owner, Brad Leavitt is President of A Finer Touch Construction and tells his company story in this awesome branding video below. Sharing footage of your locations, services, and staff (even Behind-The-Scenes) is a great way to put yourself out there and build your brand awareness!

Video is a compelling way for businesses to connect with their customers and data has proven that video marketing is successful. When you’re planning your next video project, contact us at and we will help bring your vision to life!

Ferguson HVAC, an industry leading distributor in wholesale heating and cooling supplies, is hosting their Third Annual Day & Night Elite Dealer Meeting next week on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 from 8am-11am PST and for the first time ever, the event will be entirely virtual! This year’s virtual event, appropriately themed Turning to Technology, will explore all the ways modern technology can grow your business in today’s ever-changing world.

Much like the HVAC industry is constantly evolving, so is video and virtual technology! In a world where video dominates the internet, social media, and business marketing, it is crucial to understand how to utilize video content in order to enhance your brand and connect with your target audience. Video is attention grabbing and memorable and not only is it a great way to entertain, educate, and engage with your viewers, utilizing video drives action.

Ferguson is always one step ahead of the game and for their 2021 virtual dealer meeting, they are utilizing video content to engage their viewers, educate them on what’s to come in 2021, and excite them to return to their next live in-person event in 2022.

It was a blast working with this awesome group last year to capture photo and video coverage of the Second Annual Ferguson HVAC / Day & Night Elite Dealer Meeting at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada and we were thrilled to help them create their promo video for this year’s virtual meeting!

One of the biggest highlights from last year’s event included a meet & greet session with keynote speaker and U.S. Army Veteran, Noah Galloway. Incorporating footage from the 2020 event highlights and adding text, graphics, effects, etc. creates a compelling video that not only showcases their previous dealer meeting, it introduces the 2021 virtual meeting and is promoting the return to Vegas in 2022! You can view the full promo video at

Check out all of the 2020 event photos at and you can register for the 2021 virtual dealer meeting at Stay tuned for more to come in Las Vegas in 2022!


Video is an extremely powerful medium and plays an important role in marketing and executing your virtual events. Utilizing live video creates a personal connection between the presentation, host and audience, giving you the ability to address your viewers directly, who can each respond in return. Producing video content where the host or presenter looks directly into the camera creates a conversational experience for your viewers, providing greater engagement and participation.

Our Haute Media President, Darrylee Cohen, shared some great advice on The Nonprofit Show yesterday morning about the power of using video in virtual events, specifically for non-profit organizations. Darrylee and The Nonprofit Show host, Julia C. Patrick of the American Nonprofit Academy, discussed 4 key topics when utilizing video – continue reading for all of our best advice and watch the live show recording at the link below!

Live Interaction During A Virtual Event

Virtual events offer several ways to interact with a live audience, including live polls, chat windows, live Q&A, breakout sessions and more! Utilizing the live chat feature is a great way to let your audience connect and easily communicate with each other in real time, something that is not as easy to accomplish in-person. With the live chat box, your viewers are able to interact in one place no matter where they are tuning in from, even if they are as far as Hong Kong. Breakout “rooms” and Q&A sessions provide a feeling of intimacy and exclusivity during your virtual events, allowing your attendees to engage with their peers or even talk with the host directly and ask questions.

Getting the Right Background or Studio Set Up 

When it comes to speaking to an audience on camera versus in real life, it is best to treat it just as if it were an in person event! Setting the right background is key to enhance your story or theme, whatever it may be. Using professional lighting, audio, and cameras will make you look, sound, and feel your best!

Feeding Matters is a wonderful example, they chose a kitchen environment for their virtual event background to connect with the theme of their event and help tell their story. It created an intimate connection between the speaker and audience and was perfectly fitting!

Communicating on Camera vs In-Real-Life

Communicating virtually versus in real life allows you to reach a much wider audience and gives you the option to stream your events across multiple mediums. Virtual events can be live-streamed to various platforms and embedded on your website, social media channels, etc. allowing your audience to view from anywhere in the world. Virtual events are mobile friendly, so your viewers can tune in from the comfort of their own homes or they can watch on the go using their smart phone or tablet.

Production Costs and Timeframes

With virtual event production, (versus in-person event production) you can save money on venue costs, vendors, etc. but utilizing technology platforms and preparing for a virtual event still requires a significant investment and time. Production costs and timeframes always vary based on the specifics of the project but some common costs for virtual event production include pre-recording speakers, editing presentations and video content, designing themes and transitions, renting or building out a stage or studio environment to create the perfect background, conducting rehearsals and technical checks with your remote participants, etc. Planning ahead is key and keeping your virtual event relevant and timely for your viewers is a top priority, as with any live event! Your virtual event doesn’t need to be lengthy as long as it tells your story while keeping your audience engaged.

The creativity is endless when it comes to utilizing video in virtual events. You can create an entirely unique online experience with stages and backgrounds, speakers and entertainers, real-time worldwide networking, and more! An added bonus is longevity! With video, you are able to create multiple pieces of content from one recording; so you can use your live virtual event recording for various marketing purposes over extended periods of time. Video is a creative solution that will help strengthen your virtual events and hiring a professional to provide a seamless stress-free structure and manage any in-moment technical difficulties is a choice you won’t regret!

Contact us at to learn more about our videography services and virtual event production!

This has been a year like no other and whether you and your team are back in the office with safety measures in place or are still fully remote navigating through this virtual world together, it is essential to stay connected with your coworkers and celebrate your resilience as a company as you faced a year full of new challenges. 

Current circumstances may call for adjustments to your typical holiday celebrations and may even require you to create entirely new traditions. Either way, you are not alone! This is an especially unique holiday season and businesses everywhere are adapting their festivities. 

Whether you host a virtual holiday party or a socially distant in-person celebration, check out these 3 ideas for inspiration and see what other companies are doing for their holiday events this year!


All great parties (virtual or not) have an exciting theme! A creative theme will give your party a focus and help your guests get into the holiday spirit with a chance to dress up!

Every year, Post Integrations hosts an extraordinary holiday celebration with a new theme and design each time, with decor that is out of this world! Their theme was extremely fitting this year, during a time when masks are a part of our everyday attire, the chosen theme was Masquerade Ball.

This is a great theme choice for in-person and virtual events. You can even invite your guests to create their own masks and have a DIY mask decorating contest!

Some other great theme options we’ve seen this season include Holiday Pajama Party (perfect for remote guests), Winter Wonderland, Merry Grinch-Mas, Hollywood Holiday and the all time classic, Ugly Sweater Party.


Whatever your theme may be, make sure to deck out your party in fun festive holiday decor! Even if you are hosting a virtual event, decorate your backdrop with holiday colors and lights. For socially distant outdoor get togethers, consider a snow machine especially if you’re going with a White Christmas theme! 

At Ryan House’s Annual White Christmas Gala, the “snowfall” really makes for a magical moment that all of the guests love.


You can’t have a celebration without entertainment! Live music is always a party favorite and there are tons of holiday themed activities you can do to entertain your guests — You can host a holiday treats bake off, a white elephant gift exchange, or you can even stream a holiday movie and watch it together with your team virtually!

Whether you’re hosting an in-person holiday party or putting on a virtual celebration, contact us at Haute Media and we will help with every stage of planning and execution!

As the effects of Covid-19 drive businesses and organizations to pivot, and in some cases completely reinvent themselves in order to thrive in our increasingly virtual world, it is important to understand the benefits of hosting virtual meetings, webinars, and events and which features to include for the ultimate online experience!

There are several advantages to hosting a virtual event, as opposed to an in-person event. With the potential to reach a much wider audience, virtual events are an incredibly powerful marketing tool and allow you to boost your brand awareness across multiple mediums. Virtual events can be live-streamed to various platforms and embedded on your website, social media channels, etc. allowing your audience to view from anywhere in the world. Virtual events are mobile friendly, so your viewers can tune in from the comfort of their own homes or they can watch on the go using their smart phone or tablet! 

Virtual event platforms give you the ability to easily measure results and collect data, including attendee info and emails, you can see who is watching, your total number of viewers, where your guests are streaming from, and more. Not to mention the creativity with virtual events is endless! You can create a unique online experience with virtual stages and backgrounds, remote speakers and entertainers, real-time worldwide networking, and more! 

Below are our top 3 must-have features for hosting the ultimate virtual event. These virtual event tips and tools are guaranteed to keep your audience engaged and create a memorable online experience! 

1. INTERACTION – Live Polls and Q&A Sessions

When it comes to events, whether they are in-person or online, one of the most important elements to creating a memorable experience for your guests is to include them! Audience interaction and participation is key and with virtual events, there are several creative ways to keep your viewers included and engaged. Live Polls and Q&A Sessions and two of our favorite features for audience interaction. Polls are a great way to collect data and show your guests what they have in common while Q&A sessions allow your viewers to connect with you directly. 

2. ENTERTAINMENT – Virtual Stages, Remote Speakers, Musicians, Artists, and more!

Sustain your viewers’ attention throughout your virtual program with different virtual stages and backgrounds, unique graphics and branding, remote guest speakers, live singers or musicians, artists, magicians, and more! If you are supporting a certain cause or promoting a particular product or service, include a customer testimonial or a client story to resonate with your audience. Stream a live concert or bring in remote speakers from anywhere in the world to talk directly with your viewers. Whatever your event may be, entertainment is a favorite audience feature!


3. COMMUNICATION – Live Audience Chat and Social Media Integration 

Real-time communication is a top priority when it comes to virtual events. Whether you are streaming a webinar, virtual meeting, or hosting an online conference, it is crucial for your audience to be able to communicate with one another as well as your event hosts and speakers. Utilizing a live audience chat box is a great way to allow your viewers to communicate and interact with each other in real time while your event is happening live. Social media integration is another fantastic way to promote networking and grow your following. With our virtual event platform, we have the ability to stream your events to multiple platforms including Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more!

Check out this virtual event video we produced for Feeding Matters Annual Community Fundraiser featuring remote speakers, live polls, and a live audience chat box. Contact us at to learn more about our virtual event production and live streaming services, we would love to work with you!